What do we do?


Certification is security and security is provided by esz.

Measurement technology is an integral part of our daily life. Measurement technology, partly consciously perceived, partly invisible, is the basis for many decisions. Measurement technology accompanies us when we go shopping, when we drive our cars, in our home and when we build a house, in medicine to safeguard and maintain our health and everywhere where something must be calculated. Precise measurement means knowledge, and knowledge is the foundation for decisions. Reliable calibrations of measuring instruments thus form the basis for reliable measurement technology. esz AG calibration & metrology works to ensure this security.

Precise, independent, global

In ultra-modern laboratories at locations throughout Europe, our trained specialists, technicians, and engineers calibrate test equipment that is used in a wide variety of applications. esz AG works manufacturer-independent and offers the calibration of all measured variables. Calibrations can also be performed on site. We support global players in the certification of individual devices or complex systems.

Digital solutions

esz’s calibration expert is a comprehensive calibration software system that supports technicians, engineers and metrologists in the calibration and creation or handling of calibration certificates. In addition, the test equipment management software asset expert supports calibration laboratories in the efficient, safe, and error-free management of their test equipment. “We work for your safety.” For more than 40 years, esz AG has been aligning its range of services to the needs of its customers and continuously expanding its service portfolio.